Different Types of Outer Banks Fishing Charters

With all the different types of fishing charters available on The Outer Banks it can be hard to decide which charter to choose for you or your family. One of the best aspects of scheduling your charter with Sharky's is that we can consult with you first in order to custom design your charter around you personally. Whether you are looking for an inshore charter, offshore charter, Pamlico Sound charter, or makeup charter, we work hard to accommodate your individual needs. We know what questions to ask and how to custom design a charter based on your answers. Here are just a few of the charter types we can arrange.

Inshore Charter (Summer) - Since inshore charters are usually done within sight of the beach they are usually less expensive half day trips (either am or pm). These charters are perfect for families with young anglers as well as groups that just want to catch a bunch of fish without taking those long two hour plus boat rides offshore. Most inshore trips are done trolling small spoons or similar lures through schools of bluefish and spanish mackerel. Sometimes during inshore trips larger species such as cobia or false albacore are also spotted and can be cast to. We also now offer 3/4 day inshore trips that can go a bit further off the beach and target species like sharks and amberjack.

Inshore Striped Bass

Inshore Charter (Winter) - Occasionally during the winter months certain large species like chopper bluefish or striped bass will show up around Oregon Inlet in large schools. This does not happen on a regular basis every year but when it does our boats are ready to take advantage of the opportunity. Feel free to call us anytime at our booking desk and we will fill you in on any inshore fishing activity that might be worth making a quick trip to the coast.

Intermediate Charter - We now offer 3/4 day and full day intermediate charters. These charters are designed to venture between 3 and 20 miles outside the inlet and consist of a choice between trolling, bottom fishing and the ever popular deep jigging. The species available on these trips include mahi, sailfish, king mackerel, amberjack, wahoo, tuna, and bottom species like sea bass, tilefish and grouper.

Deepwater Bottom Fishing for grouper

Deep Sea Offshore Bottom Fishing - Over recent years our full day eight hour deepwater bottom jigging trips over wrecks or structure have become very popular. They can be very reliable for catching species such as sea bass, tilefish, amberjack, grouper, etc. and as a bonus we will troll our way back in for mahi, wahoo, and tuna.

Deep Sea Offshore Trolling - This is the sportfishing adventure the Outer Banks has become famous for. Custom designed and rigged sportfishing yachts running 30 to 40 miles offshore and trolling several lines and teasers for the aggressive pelagic species living in and around the Gulf Stream. Anglers sit back and watch the mate do his magic setting out the lines while they get to haul in the fish that dreams are made of. Offshore species might include yellowfin tuna, blackfin tuna, wahoo, mahi, mako sharks, sailfish, white marlin and our apex predatory species blue marlin. A deep sea offshore fishing trip is the ultimate sport fishing excursion.

Fish on dock caught on an Outer Banks Makeup Charter.

Makeup Charters - Over the past few years as charter fishing gets more expensive the popularity of makeup charters has increased tremendously. These trips are called many things along the East Coast including makeup, group sharing, walk on and open boat charters. At Sharky's we have become the authority in putting individual anglers together with other groups (usually a total of six anglers) so that they can share expenses and enjoy the offshore sportfishing experience. Unlike other services where you are put on a waiting list to find a full group, we make every effort within our means to find the additional anglers you require for your trip. We even maintain a "short notice" list of anglers that, if available, are willing to help fill out a charter. Give us a call and let us get you on your next charter. We put people together!

Back Country/Pamlico Sound Charters - We have slightly smaller boats available for one or two anglers with our back country and Pamlico Sound charters. These trips are guided by USCG licensed professional captains so your fishing license is covered by the boat and all your fishing gear is provided. Depending on what is biting these trips can be arranged for striped bass, speckled trout, red drum, grey trout, flounder, etc. These are great fall back trips when your offshore or inshore trip is being canceled that can save your vacation!